Join the Board, the MLS – or both!

If you are a new agent joining a Board of Realtors®, you’ve come to the right place! Email us at and learn about the steps you need to take to join the largest trade organization in the world!

If you are a Realtor® interested in joining the New Canaan MLS, please make sure you have the following available before you submit your application:

  • Copy of your valid, active CT Real Estate license
  • Letter of Good Standing from a Realtor® Board or Association

If you are an Affiliate organization not actively engaged in the real estate business, please click here for an application.

CT Real Estate License

All Realtor and MLS applicants must have a current, valid CT Real Estate License. Upon submission of the completed application, required documentation and fees to the NCBOR office, applicants will receive provisional membership, study guides and review tests.

Letter of Good Standing

Applicants transferring membership or seeking secondary membership in NCBOR must provide a Letter of Good Standing from their current Board or Association.


If an applicant is applying as a new Realtor, the New Member Code of Ethics training can be completed online at

Meet with the Committee

Applicants who have passed the designated tests for membership will meet with the NCBOR Membership Committee.

Board of Directors Approval

Upon recommendation of the Membership Committee Applicants will be accorded all rights of membership subject to approval by Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors will receive a list of Candidates Approved for Membership from the Membership Committee. Candidates will be voted upon at the next regularly scheduled monthly Board of Directors meeting at which time the Applicants will become Members in Good Standing.