Board of Directors Resources


The vision of the NC BOR is to protect and enhance the success of our members and to be the voice of real estate to our community.


The mission of the NC BOR is to support our members by providing services that enhance their ability to conduct business with integrity, expertise and professionalism.

Board Responsibilities

Serving on the Board of Directors is a rewarding and important responsibility. This guide informs leaders of the unique aspects associated with governing a volunteer membership organization.

  • Determine and advance the organization’s mission and purposes.
  • Select the chief paid executive (not staff).
  • Support the chief executive and assess performance in the organization. (i.e. budget, goal achievements, etc.)
  • Conduct organizational planning.
  • Ensure adequate resources. (funds, time, volunteers, staff, etc.)
  • Resource and financial oversight.
  • Detemine, monitor and enhance programs and services.
  • Promote the organization.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and
    maintain accountability.
  • Develop future leaders.